About our courses

  • Why these courses?

    We know that if we eat badly, we feel out of balance, if we don't sleep well, we feel out of balance, if we don't move, we lack energy, if we think too much, we feel overwhelmed, if we feel direction-less we get demotivated and dejected. With this in mind we have created this series of six-week wellbeing courses designed to be your first step in making changes for your good. Our Wellpreneur Collection was borne out of our experience with the Well+Life+Tribe Panel of Experts. We learnt that our members wanted more support in certain areas of their business. With these mini courses we aim to take the overwhelm away so that wellness professionals can concentrate on their passion!

  • Focus on you!

    With the Wellbeing Collection we want you to start focusing on you! Give yourself just six weeks of focus on the area you want to improve - be it sleep habits, eating habits, motivation, movement or stress. Use these accessible courses to focus your attention, and complete weekly tasks to help you improve. Treat yourself to some self-care and attention, if you do that you can’t help but learn something new about yourself and ultimately make improvements. Use the mini courses in the Wellpreneur Collection to reduce the overwhelm in certain aspects of your business.

  • How do they work?

    Courses in our Wellbeing Collection are all intended to take at least six weeks. Access one module each week and follow the tasks and assignments for that week. Each module opens up as you complete the previous assignment. Alternatively, you can complete at your own pace. Typically, we advise at least one week to practice the task though. Whereas Courses in our Wellpreneur Collection are designed to be short, introductory overviews on some of the areas we know solo entrepreneurs struggle. These mini courses take beginners through areas such as social media marketing, imposter syndrome and general start-up.

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